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Bioecto™ is a highly pure Ectoindeveloped by a professional fermentation platform technology, with high stability and safety profile. Ectoinis an amino acid derivate and belongs to the group of extremolytes. Tests prove that BioectoTMhas remarkable protective and repairing effects, helps skin resist against external pressure, and can be widely used in personal care products such as repair, anti-pollution, sun care, anti-aging products and color cosmetic products.

INCI name:Ectoin

Appearance: white or off-white crystals or powder

Recommended dosage: 0.1%-2%

Usage: can be added directly to aqueous phase

Application:Skin care products, hair care products and color cosmetics. It brings functions of anti-stress, repairing, anti-inflammation, soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging.

efficacy evaluation:

Prevents DNA damage from UV and visible light

Improvesanti-stress ability of cells

Protects Langerhans cell and enhances skin immunity function

Highly hydrophilic with long - term moisturizing ability

Repairs UV damage to skin cells

Inhibits the release of inflammatory factor

Promotes the production of collagen and resist aging

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