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Hybloom™ Cosmetic Grade HA case study

Company J is a large multinational cosmeceutical manufacturer. Last year, they began to develop moisturizing products containing sodium hyaluronate (HA). They collected many HA samples from different companies, but were unable to determine which products were suitable for their application. Bloomage Freda provided documents and training to Company J on how HA applications in cosmetics were formulated and the grades of HA required. We also provided data regarding moisture retention of different formulations and samples for their review. Because of our in-house lab, much of this work was done in a few weeks, which allowed Company J to accelerate their time to market by over 6 months. Company J made its final decision on formulations based on our analysis & samples, and successfully launched their line of cosmeceutical products into the market much earlier than anticipated. Bloomage Freda is now considered an important strategic asset for Company J.

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