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miniHATM --High Activity, Extremely Low Molecular Weight Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate

In recent years, oligo sodium hyaluronate with molecular weight less than 10,000Da raises concerns of people because of its bioactivities. In 2011, new generation oligo sodium hyaluronate - miniHATM was launched into the market. Bloomage Freda became the manufacturer in the world to use enzymatic degradation in large industrial scale production of oligo sodium hyaluronate. miniHATM with molecular weight 3k~10kDa, can penetrate into the skin and nourish the skin deeply. It has many biological activities, such as moisturizing, repairing, anti-oxidation, etc..

miniHATM as a safe and effective cosmetic ingredient has many advantages as following:
1、Transdermal absorption: Results of absorption capability on miniHA carried out by a third party laboratory using in-vitro reconstructed human skin show that, miniHA can penetrate into the skin with an absorption rate that can reach 69.5%.
2、Repairing damaged cells:miniHA can repair the skin cells damaged by ultraviolet irradiation, increase cellular activity and cellular proliferation.
3、Scavenging free radicals: miniHA can effectively scavenge Reactive Oxygen Free Radicals (ROS) induced by ultraviolet irradiation, so it can slow down the skin aging process by good anti-oxidation capability.
4、Deep moisturizing: miniHA can penetrate into the skin, hydrating the epidermis and dermis. HA with high molecular weight has also good moisturizing capability by forming a film on the surface of skin. When miniHA and HA with high molecular weight are used in formulation together a remarkable synergistic effect is observed.
5、Anti-aging: miniHA can significantly enhancing skin elasticity, strengthening the skin barrier, reducing skin wrinkles.

miniHATM can be applied in anti-aging, repairing and moisturizing products, such as eye cream, mask, serum, sunblock cream, BB cream, lipstick, etc.. The recommended usage is 0.1%~0.5%. Much better skincare efficacy can be obtained when combined with common HA.

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