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cationHATM Substantive Sodium Hyaluronate

A moisturizer designed especially for hair care ;that can improve the barrier function of the scalp

Natural, Mild, conditioning moisturizer

Suitable for hair care and scalp care

Enhance the hydration property of the scalp


cationHATM,as a conditioning moisturizer, is a complex association between cationic and Sodium Hyaluronate(HA)with different molecular weights.  


       1.High Substantivity

It creates a synergistic polymer composite that augments and expands the main properties of two polymers, and can improve the substantivity of HA on the hair and skin. It can be used in rinse-off products.

       2.Reduction of the Irritancy

It helps to reduce the inflammation to the skin caused by surfactants present in formulas and feeling smooth.

       3.Scalp Care

It helps to enhance the hydration ability of the scalp, so as to relieve the itching and dandruff situations caused by dryness.

Lower molecular weight HA can easily penetrate into the skin, nourish it deeply and eliminate free radicals. It also can repair damaged scalp cells and help to keep the right balance in metabolism.

Higher molecular weight HA can form a flexible film, which protect hair and skin from UV damage.

Product list

       cationHATM-G (only for non-transparent formulas)

       cationHATM-Clear1 (for all formulas)


       1. Hair and scalp care products like shampoos, conditioners

       2. Body care products

Recommended dosage 0.5% -1%

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