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 Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited Research and Development team won "Science and technology leadership award"

Sponsored by China fragrance cosmetics industry association, "China fragrance cosmetics industry technology conference and the 12th academic seminar" (hereinafter referred to as "technology conference") was held in Guangzhou Providence. The conference attracted more than 200 outstanding experts and scholars.

With the theme of "innovation for the future, ingenuity for brilliance", the conference will actively respond to the new contradictions in the development of fragrance, fragrance and cosmetics industry in the new era, further promote the innovative development of the industry, and improve the overall scientific and technological level of the industry.

Led by Dr. Guo Xueping, vice President and chief scientist of Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited, the scientific research team has been awarded the "science and technology leadership award" for its more than 20 years of craftsmanship in the field of fermentation production of hyaluronic acid.


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