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 New product Super Sodium Polyglutamate (PGA-SHM)—was launched in March, 2020

Our new product super high molecular weight Sodium Polyglutamate (PGA-SHM) was launched on the China Cosmetics Research and Trend Webinar held by JUMEILI on March 19th, 2020.

The super high molecular weight Sodium Polyglutamate (PGA-SHM) is a polypeptide biopolymer produced through the fermentation of the probiotic “Natto Bacillus”. The molecular weight of PGA-SHM is more than 2 MDa (GPC-MALLS method), which is 7 times bigger than PGA-HM, so PGA-SHM has a nice silky skin feeling and a better film-forming ability which protect the skin barrier from pollution damage and enhance significantly the skin barrier function.

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