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HyafactorTM-NAG  Acetyl Glucosamine


INCI name: Acetyl glucosamine


Acetyl glucosamine (NAG), a basic component unit of numerous polysaccharides in cells has many important physiological functions in organisms. HyafactorTM-NAG is asmall amino monosaccharidmolecule obtained by bio-fermentation. It possesses excellenttransdermal absorption and can improve the skin hydration. In addition, NAG as a high-quality and multi-functional moisturizerhas beenwidely used in various cosmetic formulations.

Structural formula 




1. High-quality moisturizer

2. Promoting HA synthesis

3. Natural exfoliating regulator

4. Whitening skin

5. Scavenging free radicals

Cream, Emulsion,Serum, Mask, etc..

Recommended dosage:  0.5%-2%.

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