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HyafactorTM-PGA Sodium Polyglutamate


Polyglutamic acid (PGA) which exists frequently innature in the form of sodium polyglutamate, is usually a sticky anionic amino acids polymer. Initially, it was found in a traditional food ‘natto’, which is also called γ-polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA). The polymer is anisomorphism type of polypeptide biopolymers with glutamic acid as a structural unit andconnected by amide bond formed through α-aminoand γ-carboxyl group. Since each of the structural unit of glutamic acid contains a plurality of hydrophilic groups, a large amount of hydrogen bonds can be formed inside or between the polymer chains, so PGA can effectively capture and retain moisture, enhance skin elasticity, and be regarded as a good natural moisturizing ingredient widely used in personal care products. Our HyafactorTM-PGA is produced by fermentation with a superior strain of Bacillus subtilis.Its INCI name is sodium polyglutamate.


1 Promote the accumulation of NMFs

2 Reduction of hyaluronic acid (HA) degradation

3 Enhance hydrating and moisturizing capacity of skin

4 Improve elasticity and softness of the skin

5 Inhibition of melanin production

6 Effect of synergy with other ingredients


Emulsion, Mask, Concentrate, Essence, Cream, Cleanser and Hair care products, etc..

Recommended dosage: 0.05% - 1%.


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