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GabarelaxTM- Relax, Enjoy Life [2020-02-10]
microHA—Super low molecular weight HA with outstanding biological efficacy [2020-01-15]
HAPLEX® & HAPLEX®Plus—Sodium Hyaluronate for skin beauty [2019-09-16]
Development and Application of fermentation ingredients in Skin care [2019-06-12]
HAPLEX®Plus—Clinically proved joint care Sodium Hyaluronate [2018-10-15]
4D Hyaluronic Acid (HymagicTM-4D) - The Secret for Skin Moisturizing [2017-12-25]
Distribution and Catabolism [2014-03-11]
Viscosity, Molecular Weight, and Rheology [2014-03-11]
Chemical Modifications of Hyaluronan [2014-03-11]
Applications of Hyaluronan [2014-03-11]
Source of Hyaluronan [2014-03-11]
Structure of Hyaluronan [2014-03-11]
Discovery of Hyaluronan [2014-03-11]
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